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If there is a gas-related issue, follow these steps.

Step 1: Perform a gas pressure check. Ensure the gas type, incoming pressure, and the gas pressure (after valve) is correct for the left, center, and right sides. See the rating plate for details. Perform the gas check with all gas equipment turned On.

Step 2: Prior to operation of the grill, check the gas manifold and gas lines. Check all gas connections for leaks. Examine the internal gas inlet tubes to ensure tubes are updated to solid tubing where needed. Refer to bulletin MCD-21-11-AIC.

Step 3: If the burner always ignites on the first try, continue to the next step. If the burner does not ignite on the first try, or if there is a flame quality issue, troubleshoot the ignition module, flame sensor, and SSR.

Step 4: Check for wiring issues. Ensure the ignition wire is supported and not touching the other wires. Inspect for visible signs of damage to the wire or to the insulation on the ignition wire.  Check for damage to the flame sensing wire or to the ignition module wires. Finally, make sure the burner has good ground continuity to the chassis (less than 2 ohms).

Step 5: Ensure the combustion blower operates with no excessive vibration or noise, and that it comes up to speed quickly and easily. Clean any debris visible on the blades that may impede air flow. Finally, make sure the air shutter is tightened down so that it does not move, but verify the air shutter is NOT fully closed.

Step 6: Next, check the air proving system. Make sure the air proving switch (air pressure switch) reacts quickly after the fan starts, energizing the ignition module. Clear the air proving switch air port so it is free of debris.

Step 7: Check the flue system. Make sure the flue is free of debris, and that no unintended obstructions (such as the ventilation system) block the flue or flue outlet.

Step 8: Check for any issues affecting the hood. Check for a large negative air pressure in the kitchen (preventing a makeup air path). Make sure the exhaust system is operating correctly, and the makeup air system is not interfering with the operation of the grill.


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