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Before replacing the filter, make sure there is ample space around the system to remove the cartridge.

Note: Always install a new Carbon Element after replacing the Ultra Filter Cartridge.

Step 1: Turn off water to the system by closing the Inlet Ball Valve and Outlet Ball Valve.

Step 2: Press the FLUSH button on the controller to flush the system and relieve pressure. Press FLUSH several times to ensure the permeate tank empties.

Step 3: Remove the carbon element from its housing if present.

Step 4: Locate the long, hooked tubing on the right and disconnect the long end from the tee by pushing the collet squarely against the face of the fitting.

​Step 5: With the collet pushed in place, pull the tubing from the fitting with your right hand. If the cartridge does not easily come out of the Housing, remove the opposite End Cap.

Note that water may drain from tubing as it is removed.

Step 6: Remove the Snap Ring from the Ultra Filter Housing. Grab the raised lug with pliers and pull towards the center of the End Cap and away. The Snap Ring should lift out of its groove.

Step 7: Remove the following from the housing: End Cap, End Cap O-Ring, and Cartridge

Step 8: Inspect the Large Cartridge O-rings and the Small End Cap O-rings for nicks or cuts. Replace as needed.

Step 9: Lubricate all O-rings with a food-grade silicone lubricant. Apply a light coating of lubricant to the inside center tube at both ends of the new cartridge.

Step 10: Record the serial number of the new cartridge. The cartridge serial number is engraved on one end of the outer tube (for example: 05K 12013).

Step 11: Install the End Cap O-ring on the End Cap and insert the Large End Cap into the end of the new cartridge.

Step 12: Position the new cartridge and End Cap at the housing and gently insert into the housing.

Step 13: Press the End Cap into position until it is fully seated and the Snap Ring groove is visible.

Step 14: Install the Snap Ring by guiding the non-lugged end into the groove first, pushing outward and working around the ring until it snaps into place. The Snap Ring must be fully seated before turning on the water.

Step 15: Reattach the long end of the tubing to the tee.  Re- attach the other End Caps, End Cap O-rings, and the End Cap.

NOTE: Make sure the fitting is completely inserted onto the tubing past the O-ring. A loose connection results in leaking at the point of connection.

Step 16: Rinse the new Ultra Filter Cartridge before placing the system back into operation. 

Step 17: When rinsing is complete, re-pressurize the system by opening the Outlet Ball Valve, then opening the Inlet Ball Valve.

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