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There are four cleaning levels: Rinse, Light, Normal, and Heavy-Duty. CombiClean tablets or Combitherm liquid spray cleaner can be used.

The rack supports and shelves, and the trolleys on floor units, can remain in place during the cleaning cycle.

Step 1: To start a cleaning cycle, go to the main menu and press the cleaning icon.

Step 2: Press the Green water Icon to confirm that the water supply is on.

Step 3: Select the icon of the cleaning level you’d like to run.

Step 4: The unit will show you an image, indicating you should open the drain in the cooking chamber, remove the drain cover and put 4 cleaning tablets into the condensate box by placing them through the drain opening.

Step 5: If you are using the Combitherm Spray cleaner, spray all the surfaces of the inside of the oven cavity.

Step 6: Press the green arrow. The unit will go into the Cleaning mode for an hour and 21 minutes. At the end of the cleaning cycle the alarm will sound for 3 minutes. If the alarm is not turned off by that time, the unit will turn itself off. If the oven experiences a loss of power during a cleaning cycle, once the power has been restored, the unit will complete a six-minute rinse cycle. A Forced Rinse Cycle cannot be skipped, since it assures that all of the cleaning chemicals are flushed completely out of the unit before it’s used again for cooking.

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