Let us build your portal to great interactive content for your products.
No trade shows or face to face meetings required.

How can our Virtual Showroom help you?

The Issue: You depend on tradeshows to demonstrate the innovative features of your products, but with tradeshows cancelled or moving online, you have to envision a new marketing strategy.

The Solution:  The Ignitor360 Virtual Showroom is a non-PowerPoint deck solution: a virtual, interactive trade show booth providing your sales team with a full suite of personalized content.  Use it as a self-service solution, or as a virtual briefcase for sales and marketing presentations to prospective customers.

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What will prospective clients see/do/experience in the Ignitor360 Virtual Showroom?

The short answer is – the best interactive content you think will sell your products should be in your Virtual Showroom.

Best practices include:

  • Success stories from your target markets
  • Interactive video clips showing your products in action
  • The ability to deliver just-in-time content to handle objections
  • Clickable content call to actions getting incremental client buy-ins
  • Add-on tool for channel partner Reps and Dealers to promote your Brand and products
  • The ability to add VR content for a VR-based showroom

Pricing:  Ignitor360 Virtual Showroom:

  • Cost of Base Unit Creation: $4,000 for 70 development hours with delivery in 10 working days (Including Branded logo and artwork and up to 6 individual stands or stations for 3D pieces of equipment or special innovative features)
  • Content Development for a Custom Virtual Showroom: $75/hour with an accurate scope of work