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We create compelling training and eLearning for remote employees

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Pre Social Distancing:
A lot of your training was done in-person by an instructor. More hands-on. Face to face answers and responses.

Post Social Distancing:
Now your workforce has gone remote and you’ve had to adapt quickly. Do you have the immersive materials needed to engage and educate your employees online?

We take the complex and make it simple

Ignitor Labs Rapid Deployment program: Drawing from our 15 years of experience in rapid eLearning development, Ignitor Labs uses your available instructor-led training material to deliver easy-to-understand online training in weeks not months.

 Induction and onboarding                  Employee up-skilling

 Skill evaluation                                      Comprehensive technical training

 Targeted learning                                 Blended learning

 Induction and onboarding

 Employee up-skilling

 Skill evaluation

 Comprehensive technical training

 Targeted learning

 Blended learning

Explainer videos $5,898

A 3-minute video based on your raw footage or source materials communicates your message to and through your channel partners. Deployed within 2 weeks.

Training Courses $14,958

10-minute online training course with interactive exercises and 20-question quiz teaches key concepts required for your remote teams. Deployed within 4 weeks.

Microlearning module $5,424

3-minute mobile-first module for learning wherever you are. Deployed within 2 weeks.

eLearning Modules $1,898

A 60 slide deck or 60-minute video can be transformed into as many as 6 modules within 5 working days.

Quizzes Option $750

Add exams of 5 questions each to evaluate learner knowledge comprehension!