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Sometimes you need answers NOW.

MicroTech provides point of service solutions for critical service issues. No need to hunt through paper manuals or explore pages and pages of PDFs in your truck or in front of the manager.  Error codes, key parts and troubleshooting steps are presented in a user-friendly, smartphone format.

You click it, fix it, and go.

Each issue or error code shows the possible causes and linked parts.  If you need to determine the root cause of the problem, simply click through the step-by-step troubleshooting to get to the solution.  Each linked part pulls up the OEM/Distributor part number, correct test readings, and the location of the part within the unit 3D image.

MicroTech is your solution to get the answers you need, first time—every time.

  • Techs win; increasing their first-time fix rate.
  • Service companies win; more successful calls completed every day.
  • Operators/End Users win; experiencing less downtime, focus on selling products to consumers.
  • OEM’s win; quality equipment is quickly back in service.

MicroTech Point-of-Service Solution

Sometimes you just need answers NOW.  MicroTech provides specific, point of service solutions for common, critical errors or service issues.  This valuable information is presented in a mobile-friendly, quick-to-use format.  No more rifling through paper manuals or searching through hundreds of pages of PDFs.  Now you can just click it, fix it, and go.

Each issue or error code presented provides a brief overview with possible causes and associated parts.  If you need more, simply click into the illustrated, step-by-step troubleshooting to get to the heart of the issue quickly.  Each associated part also has its own section with part numbers, the part location, and the correct test readings.

MicroTech is the solution for quickly getting the answers to reduce downtime, while increasing first-time fixes, efficiency and productivity.  Enjoy less stress with MicroTech.