Your Customer Reputation… it’s more than just equipment performance

What does the skill of your service community say about your brand?

  • Do the technicians who service your equipment have the knowledge they need to represent your brand and deliver optimal performance of your equipment?
  • When a technician has to come back because it wasn’t fixed properly the first time how does that impact your brand reputation with your customers?
  • What do your customers think when a technician spends the first half hour of the service call on the phone with your tech support team?
  • Even for your most experienced, factory-trained techs do they remember the specific test protocol and multi-meter readings for “Fault Code 9”?

We have answers you can be proud of.

  • World-class learning tools that not only deliver on-line training, but also field-practical reference tools in the hands of your techs while standing in front of your equipment
  • Just-in-time resources that complement your existing factory training programs and reduce call volume at your factory service desk
  • Comprehensive programs that enable you to rapidly develop technician training and support tools across your entire equipment portfolio and host them in the cloud
  • Modern mobile app that allows you to publish and distribute your latest service bulletins immediately to your entire service community

Properly Trained Technicians Create Positive Brand Experience Over the Life Cycle of Your Equipment

Create Positive Brand Experience