Tech Tips:  Fryer Care Basics
By Martha O’Connell

High-efficiency fryers equipped with built-in filtration and self-diagnostics reduce the amount of work it takes to get optimal performance and long life from your fryer compared with more labor-intensive, basic no-frills fryers. No matter what system you have, however, several golden rules apply; teach your employees, then monitor them to ensure they follow through.

Use Only Approved Cleaning Materials

When it’s time to empty and clean fryer vats, the processes are very important to “follow to a T.” (Manufacturers and cleaning-solution companies post great step-by step cleaning procedures on YouTube.) Shortcuts can cause trouble.

Don’t let your employees use metal spatulas to scrape fryer debris off of the sides. Don’t let them grab any old scouring pad, grill brush or steel wool because it’s convenient; these items can scratch stainless.

“I see this happen a lot, and pretty soon the steel starts pitting and before you know it, you get oil leaks,” says Corby Stow, CFSP, Director-Sales, Oil Solutions Group, Colleyville, Texas. If you routinely see oil or grease buildup in one area of the fryer despite repeated cleaning, you might have a leak. Small leaks always become bigger leaks if left unattended, resulting in lost efficiency, costly repairs or even the need to replace the fryer…

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