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Basic Technician
Training Program

Ignitor Labs is an online learning development company committed to providing avenues for job seekers to receive the training needed to be placed in high-demand technical professions in the commercial foodservice industry. The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) has partnered with Ignitor Labs to offer an online Basic Technician Training Program that guarantees every candidate a job interview upon successful completion of the program. This program gives candidates the technical basics needed to secure a position in the industry.

There are 821 companies and counting nationwide that are looking to hire our Technician Training graduates.


Job placement is often the metric used to distinguish the success of one vocational training program over another. Join a growing list of community colleges that are finding that success by offering the Ignitor Labs Basic Technician Training Program to their students. This unique fast-track vocational training program, recognized by and developed in partnership with the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA), can be completed within 30 days and offers the convenience of open enrollment any time during the year. The program also guarantees every student who successful completes the program a job interview with a hiring company.


The Ignitor Labs Basic Technician Training Program guarantees a job interview for every student who successfully completes the program in an industry with more than 15,000 job openings for service technician nationwide. The program is offered exclusively online through participating community colleges. Please register with the college closest to where you live. If the course isn't available in your area, register through the college closest to you. You will take the program online from home.


Vet2Tech is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans find gainful employment as service technicians in the commercial food equipment industry. Scholarships for enrollment in the Ignitor Labs Basic Technician Training Program are available to qualified veterans through a partnership with Vet2Tech.


Would you like the opportunity to interview technician candidates? By adding your company to our list of hiring companies, we'll bring entry-level service technician candidates who have completed the training program to your door in exchange for your agreement to interview these candidates. This is an excellent opportunity for you given the difficulty in finding candidates for open positions whether you're a service company, manufacturer, or other industry-related organization.