New Features and Revisions
Here you will find a list of new features and revisions as they are released, as well as a history of previous releases.
June 26, 2017
  • Updated all Enrollment reports to display the content’s type.  Reports will now distinguish between Exams, Interactive Training, or Operations Training.  The updated reports are:  All Enrollments Info, Company Enrollment, and Group Enrollment.

May 2, 2017
  • Implemented a change to our courses and launching system to fix an issue with audio playing in the background when a scene is removed from the stage (viewing area) in Internet Explorer 11. This update has only changed how courses are viewed in the Portal launcher and the Widget. The mobile application is not affected by these updates.
  • Removed a routing feature meant to upsell subscriptions, users will no longer be taken to a subscription page when they click on an item in the library (If they don’t have access to it). They now will be taken to the item page outlining the products available for the item.

February 23, 2017
  • Subscription Verification – Allows for subscriptions to be seen by the public but cannot be purchased until a user passes the verification
  • Subscription Verification – The user will be added to the verified group upon subscription purchase
  • Subscription Verification – This system was applied to the Wendy’s subscription
  • Product offerings – ProTECH and PreTECH: Each item in the library displays only its product offerings
  • Item description page: Description, subscription access and video are now at the top of the page instead of a tab
  • Item description page: All products are listed in tabs below
  • Item description page: Launch buttons have changed to stay ‘Start’ instead
  • Item description page: Doc Center tab is now hidden if there are no documents associated with a specific item
  • Content labels have been changed: ProTECH is now Interactive Training
  • Content labels have been changed: PreTECH is now Operations Training
  • Content labels have been changed: PocketTECH is now Reference Guide
  • Content labels have been changed: Partifi is now Parts Ordering System
  • Content labels have been changed: Final Exam is now Exam
  • Subscription Details have been changed to fit new Product offerings: Layout has changed to better show which product is offered instead of each piece of content
  • Store listing have been updated to help users understand how to get more information about a subscription
  • Manitowoc Foodservice logos, banners and icons have been updated and are now Welbilt
  • Fusebill listings have been updated for Manitowoc to Welbilt
  • Updated Item Details pages:  Changed UI to eliminate confusion over ‘Subscription Details’ and ‘Start Course’
  • Implemented more security over how users reset passwords using the ‘Forgot Password’ feature:  Updated Prompts and emails to reflect the new process better

January 20, 2017
  • Implemented Client Branding Controls
  • Updated User Theme Controls based on Client preferences
  • Added Footer for Client Branding
  • Updated Subscription Details Pages – New look and added more content info
  • Fixed Member Since Date display issue
  • Added more details to the Content Bin for Managers
  • Added more security around User Data access
  • API update to cleanup how files are accessed, more streamlined
  • Created labeling system for content types

December 15, 2016
  • Removed link(tab) in Manage Profile for Manager Tools. This link is now permanently in the main navigation
  • New Assessment Center under Manage Profile
  • New Mechanical Aptitude Test Available for Purchase
  • Manager Enrollment Reports now include links to download certificates
  • Updated manager reports – Created new filter for courses
  • Updated manager reports – Show more user information (last login, etc.)

November 10, 2016
  • Removed Activation Email process when registering
  • Added new Dashboard to our Widgets
  • Updated manager reports to include content attempts and scores
  • Updated content templates to fix scaling issues

October 13, 2016
  • Updated URLs to use relative linkage
  • Updated Content Template system to work with the mobile application update
  • Changed copy on the Wendy’s portal homepage
  • Added tracking for Act-On marketing

September 20, 2016
  • Added Attempt Count and Course Runtime to certificates (Do not confuse runtime with user access time)
  • Updated internal alert emails to support (Background Emails, when users purchase or cancel subscriptions)
  • Moved from Microsoft Azure Servers to Google
    • Improved speed and reliability
    • Allows staged roll outs, limited to no user downtime for future updates
  • Created a new Content template system to allow for new interfaces when interacting with content
  • Fixed bug with password reset page where it wasn’t accepting hyphens in user’s emails

August 1, 2016
  • Implemented new themes to sync with web profiles
  • Added new icons for content types
  • Improved user debugging
  • Added Stability enhancements

July 1, 2016
  • Implemented stronger security for mobile application and website
  • Added new themes
  • Modified the requirements for a user’s avatar, accepts a larger file size
  • Added Member Since Field
  • Added New look to Foundations Subscription Page
  • Added ability to save and print certificates
  • Added user emails to Group Details Page for Admins and Owners
  • Increased loading speed of Admins’ and Owner’s user list when attempting to assign content via Manager Tools
  • Registration Page was updated to make it more Internationally friendly
  • Implemented new content type: Final Exams
  • Changed navigation within the library page to navigate to the Item’s subscription if the user does not have it, instead of taking you to the Item Details page

June 14, 2016
  • Increased security measures
  • Added PreTECH and PocketTECH support
  • Launched Beta Version Mobile Application
  • Updated Login with more descriptive errors
  • Created widget framework for maufacturers to use
  • Cleaned up registration process
  • Added Wilbur Curtis subscription
  • Manager Tools navigational link was moved to the navigation bar
  • Added more details for groups, allowing users to see group Admins and Owners
  • For group Admins and Owners more details were added about their users: member count, last login, ability to reset user’s password

April 22, 2016
  • The Fundamentals: Schematics course is now available in the Fundamental Subscription
  • Tech IDs are back and here to stay
  • Transcripts/Reports are now available for all courses taken before April 5th in the Manager Portal
  • Reports have been extended to include the date of last-login